About us


Born EDU. Start University was founded in response to an industry demand: a technology platform created specifically for the education industry.

Our partners and executives include a diverse mix of EDU and IT backgrounds. At Start University, software architects, developers and designers interact with marketing professionals and academics daily.

Start University is truly global, as our founders have held senior-level positions helping universities and OPMs around the world: Europe, United States, Africa, Latin America and Oceanic.

After working extensively in universities around the globe, our founders know best the keys to gaining traction in the higher education market. We are confident that we have faced the same challenges you are probably facing right now.

  • Can we get more leads?
  • Can we inform more prospective students about this new program?
  • Can we calculate a student's life time revenue?
  • Can we determine how many of our students have seen us on social media or Google?
  • Can we see the classes a student has taken without changing platforms?
  • Can we track our constantly changing programs?
  • Can we prevent our enrollment advisors from sending outdated information to prospective students?
  • Can my retention advisor tell, at a glance and without accessing multiple platforms, payment history, communications and courses taken by a student?
  • Can we have an application portal that is friendly to students and school staff, and both thorough and comprehensive?
  • Can we integrate with our existing SIS?

The answer is YES

We’ve been in your shoes. That’s why we created an EDU CRM solution designed from the ground-up with universities and students at the center.

After 5 years of operation, 3 leading OPMs and more than 20 universities have chosen Start University.
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Our Services

Cloud based, Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms.


Stay on top of your enrollment funnel. Connect to leads and students faster and more effectively.

Online Admissions

Streamlining higher education digital admissions processes through intuitive application, effective review, and CRM based technology.

EDU Web Sites

Converting site visitors into enrolled students is what our School website design is all about.

Marketing Automation

Automatize, manage and personalize prospective students e-mail and text communications, combining all communications and prospects data in one platform. Transfer email agent assignment as agents change or leave. Template modules designed to create automatic or on-demand, error-free emails. Attachments control, read alerts and much more.

Tuition Management

Online tuition management and transparent connection to any major payment gateway.

Course Registration

Intuitive front and back-end for your students to enroll in classes having coursework and prerequisites into consideration.


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