EDU Documents Management



EDU Documents Management

The Start University Documents platform is a document management and tracking solution. Designed specifically for universities and colleges, this platform comes included with the College Application Portal.

Seamlessly integrating with CRM, the College Application Portal and most student management systems, this platform eliminates the hassle of entering student data into multiple databases. The system then offers the user an assurance that different, conflicting data does not appear in multiple systems. Finally, underlying student documents can be accessed directly from the agent’s and school’s terminals.

When used within the partner site environment, the Start University Documents platform guarantees total transparency for the applicant/student.

The Start University Documents platform is designed to act as a rule enforcer and, at the same time, an agent reminder with configurable prompts.

Knowing what documents to request and how.

• Document requirements are fully configurable by program to meet the school’s needs.

• Required documents can be configured from the admin back end and uploaded by the applicant from the front end.

• Agents can also upload documents if in accordance with business rules.

• Permanently available “pending and submitted” documents through actionable reporting.

• Documents may be reviewed, approved or rejected by agents or quality assurance responsible.

• Application status can be configured to be related to documentation status.