New CRM features designed to streamline educational institution operations

    Start University’s very own CRM has new features that will help facilitate lead management, making higher institution’s jobs just that much easier.

What is an LMS and how can it benefits your university or business?

    The LMS has become an online learning platform used by millions of online learners around the world that can help you attract new students thanks to simple and intuitive navigation.

Avenu Learning Invests in Start University

    AVENU Learning's CEO Jade Roth announced last Friday that its partnership with Start University is expanding. 

    AVENU's investment in Start University is a recognition of the excitement for continued growth and innovation in the years to come.
    Over the last two years AVENU and Start University have developed a significant partnership that has supported AVENU as it delivers on its mission to provide global access to high-quality, affordable online education.

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