Digital Marketing: Basic Strategies in 2 Minutes or Less

    Are you familiar with the basic strategies of digital marketing? Let’s go over them in less than 2 minutes!

    Digital marketing is absolutely essential for businesses of all sizes. From small, local LLCs to large, international companies, all businesses stand to gain from generating leads through the establishment of an online presence and use of a digital marketing strategy.

    Let’s cover Basic Digital Marketing Strategies in two minutes or less.


    There is more than one way to market your services!


    You can take advantage of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), for which you could use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and/or paid search platforms. SEO is essentially free and requires you and your marketing team to understand the keywords that need to appear in your content so that you hit your target audiences. Ranking your business’ website high on Google, one of the most highly used search engines in the world, can help bring in business. Paid search platforms, such as Google AdWords, can help you reach your target market as well.


    Pay-Per-Click Marketing, also known as PPC marketing, refers to a strategy in which you hire marketers to create ads and show them to your target audience. You will pay based on the results they generate for your business. Search ads will show ads to users who conduct searches using your target keywords, while display ads will show off your product to users who are browsing through the internet.


    Social Media Marketing combines organic marketing and paid advertising through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. Nearly everybody uses some form of social media today. While anyone can use social media, not everybody is trained for the management and execution of a social media campaign. You and your marketing team will need to research your target market, calculate marketing campaign costs, and come up with an effective strategy for approaching your business’ social media audience.


    Email Marketing requires communicating with prospects and leads through email to market your services. Companies can use email marketing to send individual email inquiries or responses as well as general updates, announcements, and even incentives to prospects, leads, and current clients.


    Content Marketing refers to the use of content published online that can help generate leads. Content that your market audience finds interesting and relatable will help them connect with your company. Content can include blog posts, article posts, videos, images, and more. Regularly published, high-quality content will encourage prospects to learn more about your services and encourage lead generation.

    Online Networking through websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and more can allow you to build relationships that will benefit your business. You can learn from experts in the field and connect with peers in similar businesses. 

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