What is an LMS and how can it benefits your university or business?

    The LMS has become an online learning platform used by millions of online learners around the world that can help you attract new students thanks to simple and intuitive navigation.

    Internet access is growing every day, so more and more universities are implementing online actions to adapt to new market needs, and thus attract and retain as many students as possible.

    That is why, when faced with this scenario, using different tools and technologies in favor of your brand can be what differentiates you when thinking about how to attract students in the digital world. But, before we go any further, let's first explain what this tool is all about.

    What is an LMS?

    The Learning Management System (LMS) is a crucial part of online learning initiatives in educational institutions. It is an educational software tool designed to produce, implement and execute online education and training programs or courses.

    Colleges and universities, as well as other institutions of higher education, can benefit from the implementation and use of an LMS.

    *It should be noted that an LMS system can also be used in enterprises or companies that wish to implement a learning or training process for employees, partners, and even their customers.

    What are the benefits of an LMS? 

    A Learning Management System offers a bounty of benefits to institutions of higher education and companies as well as their respective students.

    Benefits for Learning Centers

    • Online learning environment that is flexible, secure, and easily accessible
    • Automation in course management
    • Simple and easy integration
    • Easily track academic progress and development for each student
    • Course designs personalized according to brand
    • Flexibility to update both content and activities
    • Implementation of more than one course or subject at a time

    Benefits for Students

    • Saving time by not having to travel to and from the learning institution
    • 24/7 access without geographical limitations
    • Saving money by not having to purchase physical materials
    • Personalized online teaching
    • Possibility of taking more than one course at a time

    How does the LMS work?

    Our LMS is designed based on the needs of our customers.

    The system functions as a large data repository for instructors, teachers and students, allowing them to store, access and record information in a single place. Anyone with a username and password will be able to access the resources contained in the platform.

    This software will allow instructors and professors to manage activities such as course content, academic calendars, communications and notifications to enrollees, among others, accompanying students throughout their academic process.

    3 tips for your university to get the most out of your LMS:

    1. An LMS is the mold, and your course content is the filling that makes it what it is!

    As your learning center course designers produce virtual course content for the LMS, make sure they design content that is relevant and engaging. At Start University, we recommend using a variety of content types—PDFs, Images, Videos, Audios, Interactive videos, and more. Uploading diverse content will help online students obtain a more interactive learning experience. 

    2. Make sure that every single member of your team has a complete understanding of how to use the platform!

    In order to take full advantage of all LMS functions, one has to know how to use it. One or more staff training sessions—preferably recorded so they can be viewed later—can help your team transition successfully to the new learning management system. 

    3. Maintain open communication between team members.

    Through implementation of open communication and routine reporting, you will be able to figure out what is working well—and what isn’t. By figuring this out, you can work together to continually improve the LMS experience for your team and, as a result, for your institution’s online learning students. 

    At Start University, we offer an LMS that is customizable and user-friendly. Our team here at SU can help your education institution’s team throughout the processes of integration and implementation.

    Whether your university needs to move from traditional teaching methods to online education platforms, or change the system you are using now to another provider, you can consult us and we will advise you.  

    We would love to hear from you! Find our contact information here. Fill out the contact form on the same page to reach out to us directly.