Marketing ABCs: A is for Aggregators

    What are aggregators and how do they serve businesses?        

    Businesses can up their marketing game with content aggregators.


    What is an aggregator website?

    Aggregator websites, also commonly referred to as “content aggregators” or just plain and simple “aggregators”, are essentially collections of data from other sources on the internet. This data, which contains key information about any topic of choice, is typically presented in a well-curated manner so that any internet user can use the aggregator to learn more about said topic.


    Information found on aggregators is usually put together based on a keyword or a group of related keywords. Content aggregators properly cite information that comes from other sources.


    Aggregators can include all types of content from articles to social media posts and images to videos.


    What are examples of popular aggregator websites?

    Google News shows users top new stories based on their physical location as well as their search history and interests. Users can scroll through news updates related to the topics that interest them most. Rotten Tomatoes groups together movie and TV series reviews from different websites so that users can check out various ratings all in one convenient location. Travel Blogger Community is a content aggregator that provides curated blog content from different travel bloggers all over the globe. 

    In the context of higher education, content aggregators typically help internet users find out more about universities, available degrees, scholarship opportunities, student experience reviews, and more. Higher education aggregators usually focus on a particular region within the globe.

    Examples of English language higher education aggregators include content aggregators such as (USA), (UK), and (South Africa). Spanish language aggregators include (Mexico), (Peru), and (Colombia).

    How do aggregators serve businesses?

    The point of content aggregators is to put together high-quality online content. Content aggregators provide businesses with the opportunity to increase marketing capabilities by providing convenient information quickly and easily to their target market. By using an aggregator, businesses can begin to establish positive relationships with potential customers. In other words, content aggregation can help increase your businesses’ overall brand awareness.


    Both creating your own content aggregator site or figuring out how to be featured on an aggregator are great ways to expose your business’ content to the right populations.


    This article is an updated and edited version of an article we originally published in 2019.